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Teachers Resources


Teachers Resources

At Nene Park Trust we love to see people out enjoying the park, so whether you want to book a visit led by our staff or simply bring your class to the park for a few hours of activities led by yourself we will be happy to see you.  Entry to the park is free and parking is free during the week and at weekends in winter.  Our Education Centre at Ferry Meadows is also available to hire when not in use for activities led by our staff.  If you are planning a visit to Nene Park we ask that you contact us in advance so that we can ensure that your activities are not affected by other events taking place in the Park.  You can download a Teachers Information Pack which includes a visit notification form by following the link below.

Click here to download a Teachers Information Pack 

The resources on this page are free to download and reproduce as many times as you require.  Click on the titles to open a PDF file for each resource.

Winter Twigs

Identifying trees without their leaves can be difficult.  See how you get on with the help of this guide to winter twigs.  Please do not pick the twigs, they may look dead but they are still living!

Leaf Hunt

Can you match these pictures of leaves to the trees growing in Ferry Meadows?  Please do not pick living leaves from the trees.

Bug Hunt Bingo

Look for invertebrates under logs and in piles of dead leaves.  Who can be the first to find four in a row?

Winter wildlife spotter

It may be cold and wet outside but there is still plenty to see!  Which of these signs of winter wildlife can you spot?

Whose footprints?

Don't let a bit of mud put you off a trip to the park!  Use this guide to help you identify any footprints you find.

Orienteering full course

A specially produced orienteering map of Ferry Meadows featuring the locations of 21 control posts.

Orienteering short course

A shorter version of the orienteering course featuring 10 numbered control posts.  Ideal for beginners to the sport.

Orienteering course code letters

A description of the location of all of the control posts and the letters marked on them.  Don't give this to your pupils but you will need it to check their answers!

Ferry Meadows site map

Use this map to plan your visit or create your own orienteering trails.

If you would like advice on how to use these resources, or are interested in bringing a group to Nene Park, please telephone 01733 234193 or e-mail visitor.services@neneparktrust.org.uk.