Butterfly Snail Rush Large Butterfly

Sightings Terms and conditions

Nene Park Trust will only use your contact details if we wish to contact you to find out more about your sighting. Your details will not be passed on to third parties.

You agree not to damage the environment in the process of recording sightings or   photographing wildlife.

The welfare of the wildlife subject is of greater importance than the sighting or photograph. Sightings or images which show evidence of disturbance or distress to the subject will be deleted.

Please note that without a permit from Natural England it is illegal to photograph some British species at the nest.

The Trust does not endorse the use of bird call / bird song recordings to attract birds as they may result in disturbance to the normal behaviour patterns and could therefore be potentially harmful.

You must be the sole author and owner of copyright in all pictures uploaded.

Nene Park Trust reserve the right to free reproduction, exhibition and publicity of all submitted images to further the objectives of Nene Park Trust. In some cases we may get in touch to request a higher resolution image of an image should this be needed. You will be credited, where possible, when your photograph is used.