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The trees fell over

The Willow trees at Thorpe Meadows were planted by Peterborough Development Corporation approximately 40 years ago.

The trees at the south west end were planted as parallel rows, to provide a screen for the sight and sound of traffic on the elevated section of the A1260 Nene Parkway. Alongside the rowing course, the trees also provide a wind break for rowing activities.

Willows at Thorpe meadows

The majority of these trees had reached an age where inherent structural weaknesses were visible, as highlighted by the annual inspections. The trees had started to shed branches and large limbs, especially during periods of strong wind, although at other times too and for no apparent reason.

White Willows are a fast-growing, but relatively short-lived species. The dilapidation of these trees is a natural process that occurs as they reach maturity.This map shows the areas in green where the felling work took place. Replacement trees will also be planted.

Tree felling map TM

We apologise for the current conditions at Thorpe Meadows following the work. Sadly, the recent weather has caused a lot of the surrounding grass area to be churned up, so the surface underfoot can be muddy and slippy. Please take care when visiting this area. When the ground has hardened, remedial work will take place and trees will be replanted at the appropriate time of year to ensure their survival. Thank you for your cooperation.