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Viridor in Peterborough Fund

Viridor is a recycling, renewable energy and waste management company, who have granted us over £17,000 with the aim to purchase an electric van and charging point, equipped to offer not only the means to provide volunteering and education activities in more remote areas of the Park, but also act as a hub for groups to use while they are working and learning.

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It will provide transport across the Park for less able Volunteers, a place to store and transport tools and equipment, a convenient refreshment station so that drinks can be easily offered throughout sessions and similar benefits to educational groups.

By purchasing an electric vehicle, we are showing support to green travel initiatives and hope this will be our first step in making our entire vehicle fleet more environmentally friendly in future years.

The funds will also allow us to provide an electric vehicle charging point within the Park itself, so that this facility could be available as a sustainable option to all of our Park visitors.