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Jack Russell does Rabbit impression!

GOOD NEWS story for a Monday!

Saturday evening was an eventful one for our Rangers as they received news that a Jack Russell had gone exploring down a Rabbit hole and not returned.

Rabbit warren

Our Rangers took a spade to the rock hard soil in an attempt to dig him out by following his cries through the ground. After over an hour of digging with no luck and the sky going dark, they called on the help of Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service who arrived quickly to the rescue.

They were able... to insert a camera into the rabbit hole and feed it through until they located Mackey. Our Rangers, Chris and Devon, then dug a huge trench nearby and followed along until they could see his tail. He'd gone quiet by this point and they had no idea how his health would be, but reached through and managed to pull him out safe and sound three hours later!

Jack Russell rescue

A massive thank you to the fire team and our Rangers for this fantastic effort. Mackey was reunited with his very grateful owner.

The trench near the dog agility course in Ferry Meadows has a poster nearby, asking visitors to take care around the area. Also keep an eye on your pooches and make sure they don't go investigating too far!