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Vandalism continues at Nene Park

Members of the Trust and visitors are incredibly disheartened to find that vandalism has returned to the Park.

Vandalism 3

On Wednesday 5 July, staff members came in to find extensive damage across the wide area of Nene Park, containing incredibly racist graffiti and a high number of benches, signs and fences destroyed with spray paint.

Vandalism 2

The bird hides were also vandalised the week before. We're saddened to find memorial benches covered and our veteran Elm tree targeted - the tree is over 100 years old and was still going strong until now - why?

Vandalism 1

The Trust understands concerns that highlighting these events draws attention to those doing it, but are working with the Police and believe the correct approach is to ask for visitors to be extra vigilant when coming to the Park and to report to either to the Trust directly or the Police if they see any suspicious behaviour. A reward is available for information leading to a conviction.

Vandalism 4

Apologies to any visitors who have seen the language used, but some of the mess will be left until a specialist cleaning team can be brought in.

If you have any information from Tuesday night (4 July) or any other events, please call 01733 234193. Thanks as always for your support.

An overwhelming amount of support was received from the local community after the last spell of vandalism, so any further support would be very much appreciated to contribute to the cost of repairs. A fundraising page has been set up for donations. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity: