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Moments with Trees: HLF success!

We are extremely pleased to have been awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in support of a two-year project called Moments with Trees, which will commence this April. This project is all about getting people involved with the trees of Nene Park - increasing understanding and offering opportunities to participate in a large range of tree themed activities and events.

Moments with trees

Trees are a significant feature of Nene Park and have a real story to tell about the history of the landscape.  The good management of trees is also key to the future of Nene Park. This project aims to address both the past and future of trees in the Park, by connecting with local schools, our Volunteers, visitors and a range of partners. This work will help to reveal the past, celebrate the present and shape the future of Nene Park trees.

We have created a dedicated Project Officer role to manage this project, who will be highly visible out in the Park and local community by hosting a range of tree related activities. These will include physical activities such as volunteering opportunities for tree planting and management, 'tricks with trees', tree gateways around the Park and the return of the Park photography exhibition. A significant element of the project activities will also be focused on sharing knowledge about trees and their heritage. These will include workshops, research projects, guided walks, self-led trails and digital content including project videos.

Moments with trees2

The success of the project relies on the involvement of the local community so if this sounds of interest to you, please look out for more information in the next edition of Parklife, on our website and social media, as well as around the Park and Visitor Centre.