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A cycling related plea…

…to those who cycle along the footpaths of Ferry Meadows and the surrounding Nene Park area.

Hi, my name is John and like all of you, I love our Park. I cycle and volunteer there. There is currently a joint initiative with Rutland Cycling to obtain a FREE BELL including fitting, by just going into the shop and asking for one. There are leaflets in the Visitor Centre and both cafes with more information.

Volunteer JohnMy plea...
Having a bell fitted to a bike is not enough, it MUST be rung to alert other Park users that an often fast vehicle is approaching from behind.

The other evening, I walked around Gunwade Lake, a gentle stroll in the early evening. I was passed from behind, at different times, at speed by between 10-15 cyclists, many of whom wore helmets and high-vis clothing. They had bells but not one of them rang their bell. Whhhoooooossssshhhh!!!!

My plea to all cyclists, especially to the fast ones, is that we should consider others in our beautiful Park and not scare them.

Thank you…