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Hoppy times ahead...

Froglife is close to finishing their work on habitat creation at Nene Park Trust to develop the homes of resident amphibians and reptiles, as part of their Dragon Finder Project. The River Nene Project team are creating seven new ponds in the Thorpe Meadows area, the largest measuring 20m x 20m. Some of the Nene Park Volunteer members have also helped with installation of the ponds, five of which will be left to fill naturally with flood water.

DF pond

In addition to the ponds, the team spent time surveying the Park for amphibians and reptiles, as well as providing vegetation on the banks of Lynch Lake by installing coir pallets.

Dragon Finder is Froglife's flagship project that encompasses conservation, surveying, data collection and interactive educational activities to help conserve reptiles and amphibians in the UK. Educational activities for children have been key in spreading awareness - they've even turned a swimming pool into a pond to recreate the type of habitat these animals thrive on!

The team will be returning to Nene Park in the autumn to help create a hibernacula for frogs, toads and newts. Their help throughout the Park has been invaluable and we are sure will make a huge difference to the conservation and development of these wonderful creatures.

For more information on the Dragon Finder Project, visit http://www.froglife.org/dragonfinder/.