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Rest and Remember in Ferry Meadows

Winter walkers may have noticed an unusual addition to the range of seats at Ferry Meadows in December.


Along the north shore of Lynch Lake a Memory Bench has been installed.


Memory bench


These are beautifully carved benches made out of European Larch with a box of postcards and mini post box alongside for people to record and share their wildlife memories.


The Memory Bench is part of the River Nene Dragon Finder Project run by local organisation Froglife and funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. It is one of three that can be found in the area with one homed on the Nene Valley Railway and the other a mobile bench that will tour along the River Nene. Each bench has its own individual wildlife carving at the centre. The idea is that people will be inspired by the bench and its surroundings to reminisce about their wildlife memories and be kind enough to share them with the team at Froglife using the postcards and box provided. 


So next time you find yourself at Lynch Lake do please stop and rest for a while and share your wildlife memories.


For more details on this project visit www.froglife.org/dragonfinder/river-nene