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Short Meadow

Short Meadow is made up of two small paddocks. Since the creation of Nene Park these meadows have been managed by mowing them annually for hay in mid July. The mown hay is sun dried then baled and stored for use as cattle feed throughout the winter.

Traditionally hay meadows would have been mown in mid July followed by grazing with cattle or sheep. However grazing hasn't been possible without fencing until 2014 when funding through Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) a government agri-environment scheme enabled the Trust to fence these meadows.

Short Meadow is now managed in this traditional way. Grazing and trampling by cattle opens up spaces in the grass sward which benefits the spread of wildflowers seed. Over time with the combination of mowing and grazing we should see an improvement in the numbers and diversity of flowers which in turn will benefit insects and other wildlife.

Some of the flower and plants growing in Short Meadow include:
Knapweed & Meadow Buttercup
Knapweed & Meadow Buttercup

Oxeye Daisy & Meadow Cranesbill
Oxeye Daisy & Meadow Cranesbill