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Sand Martin Success

The Sand Martin Bank on Overton Lake has been a big hit this year. An astonishing 31 of the 36 holes have been used.

 Sand Martin Bank

Last week Conservation Officer, Chris Park and Assistant Ranger Chris Rollason were joined by Lloyd Park from Rutland Water to ring the birds.

Ringing A Sand Martin

Ringing helps us to understand what is happening to birds in the places they live and how this affects population increases and decreases.

Chris And Lloyd

The Sand martin chicks ringed ranged from pink featherless birds that were a day or two old, to chicks that were due to fledge at any point.

Chris Ringing

Some chicks had in fact already left the nest and we managed to ring some of them by catching them in a net placed in front of the bank. Catching and ringing the birds in this way is not stressful for the birds as long as it is carried out by professionals.

Some of the holes still had eggs in them that are yet to hatch so we may do another ringing session soon as Sand martins can have up to 3 broods.

This really is great news as a lot of work went into making the bank and getting it into position, as you can see in the photos below.

Constructing The Bank

Chris Constructing The Base

Floating The Bank Out To The Island