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All in a Day's Work

Ham Mere in Ferry Meadows was a hive of activity yesterday. The mission was to cut and rake an area of meadow and a section of the scrapes in front of Heron Hide. The material was then to be piled up to form habitat piles for creatures such as Grass Snakes to overwinter in.

The task actually started the day before, with Conservation Officer Chris Park cutting an area of meadow. The following morning Chris was out again cutting the area on the scrapes and moving the material into rows to make it easier to rake.

Chris Cutting In Ham Mere
Conservation Officer Chris Park in Ham Mere

The volunteer groups then took over, with the morning group working on the meadow area and the afternoon group tackling the area in front of the hide. The groups were also joined by Chief Executive James McCulloch and Finance Director Phil Rolfe who were keen to get their hands dirty and join in the banter with the volunteers.

Morning Volunteer Group
Volunteer group with Chief Executive James McCulloch

Afternoon Volunteer Group
Volunteer group with Finance Director Phil Rolfe and Ranger Gary Mason

It was a really great team effort, however, I'm sure there were a few aching muscles the next day.