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Inside the Watersports Centre

Whilst the developments to the outside of the watersports centre are clearly visible from the construction site fence, there is much happening on the inside too. Every day, around 30 contractors are on site - from carpenters and joiners to plasters and electricians.

Inside The Cafe
The café area

Corridor Inside Watersports Centre
Inside the watersports centre

The café is beginning to take shape with internal walls being completed to plan. Over the coming weeks, the toilets and baby changing rooms will be fitted out and tiled and the kitchen is due to be fitted during January. The Trust is working closely with Raj Regmi and Mike Lucy, of Green and Pleasant, on the menu, café layout and design.

Internal work to the watersports centre building includes the fitment of air conditioning to the training room, electrics and plaster boarding. Environmental initiatives in the building include:

  • Sun tubes to the watersports centre corridor (see left hand photo above)
  • Solar thermal panels - these will heat the water for the underfloor heating
  • Rainwater harvesting - water will be used to flush toilets
  • LED lighting
  • Reactive lighting the switches off when the sun shines

Geography students from Nene Park Academy were given a guided tour of the centre last month and were impressed with both the building and the environmental aspects of the building.

Students On Tour Of Watersports Centre
Nene Park Academy students on a site tour

You can see computer generated images of the new watersports centre on our You Tube channel by clicking on the YouTube icon at the top right of the page.