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Ringing Terns

Back in March aquatic engineering installed the two common tern islands in Overton Lake. The Common Terns arrived back in the Park in April and immediately took to the islands.

As soon as nesting started we needed to keep disturbance to a minimum and Captains Folly, who runs boat trips at Ferry Meadows, agreed to an exclusion zone of 50m around the islands.

Over the past two months Conservation Officer Chris Park has been monitoring the islands and birds.  On the latest recce on Wednesday armed with a telescope he counted approximately 8 chicks on one island and about 9 on the other and they all looked large enough to ring.

This week "operation treasure island" was put into practise.  This involved three of the landscape team and Lloyd Park from Rutland Water Nature Reserve making a short boat trip to both islands.

With Lloyd's assistance, as a licenced bird ringer, we ringed 12 chicks on one island and 13 on the other, so a few more than we first thought!

Both islands still had several nests with eggs. One nest had 2 chicks that were newly hatched with another egg in the process of hatching. Unfortunately these chicks were too small to ring.

Our Terns with chicks will depart for warmer climes around September. The following link to the British Trust for Ornithology's website shows a map of where our terns may turn up (no pun intended) - notice the little dot in Australia! 

Tern Chick