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Refurbishment Plans for Watersports Centre

Plans have been recently been submitted for a £1.85 million refurbishment to modernise the watersports centre at Ferry Meadows.

The watersports centre and cafe are a really important part of the Ferry Meadows experience for our visitors, but as the building is now nearly 30 years old, many visitors have commented that it is time for a refurbishment.

Working with a team of architects that specialise in projects of this nature, and having looked at other successful centres in the UK, the Trust aim to provide visitors with a waterside cafe and watersports/activity centre that is amongst the best in the country.

As the largest improvement project ever undertaken by the Trust, visitors can expect to see a real transformation when the new building is completed. The current space in the very popular cafe will be almost doubled and a brand new extension will increase the space for watersports activities by nearly 50%, and will give cycle hire an exciting boost.

Changing rooms and facilities all get brought up to the very latest standards with particular attention paid to all-ability access. Outside, the centre gets a whole new welcoming look which is perfectly balanced with the surrounding landscape.

This is a major project and is due to take around 12 months on site, with work set to commence in 2013. As it will involve extensive demolition and construction works to the building, boat yard and waterfront, the centre will unfortunately need to close for most of the 12 month period, although the Trust is looking at ways to minimise the reduction in service to visitors during this period.

However, on reopening in 2014, the new centre will provide an exciting and high quality destination for watersports, outdoors activities and lakeside dining for many years to come.

The project is still at an early planning stage and further updates will follow over the next few months. If you have any questions or comments on the project, please contact the Trust on 01733 234193 or at visitor.services@neneparktrust.org.uk

Watersports Centre lakeside view
View from Gunwade Lake

Watersports Centre main entrance view
View of the main entrance

Watersports Centre arial view
Aerial view