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Refurb for Wildlife Hides

Work is underway to improve the wildlife watching hides at Ham Mere.

This work is part of our ongoing commitment to improve the landscape of Ferry Meadows and will make the hides less intrusive in the landscape and more user friendly.

The wildlife watching hides will be closed for approximately 6 weeks while this work is carried out.

Work to improve the wetland areas in front of the hides is also being planned.

We are currently experiencing a period of drought and increased water abstraction from the river, both have resulted in unusually low water tables.

The once permanent pools have been reduced in size or have dried up during the summer months, allowing a rapid encroachment by vegetation.

This vegetation has now been managed and will be cut more regularly as part of our annual programme of habitat maintenance.

A hydrological survey of the area will be undertaken to determine water table levels to see if we can re-create the wet wader scrapes.