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Hedgelaying in Ferry Meadows


The Hawthorn hedge which runs along behind the play area by the Watersports Centre and into Coney Meadow is currently being laid.

Laying the hedge encourages new growth from the remaining branches and the base of the hedge.

Because the hedge has probably not been laid for over 30 years the Hawthorns are brittle due to their age and therefore difficult to handle without snapping off whilst cutting.

Hazel stakes sourced from our local coppice stools are being used to help support the weight of the hedge and keep it stable.

New Hawthorns and Blackthorns will be planted alongside the laid hedge to fill in gaps which have developed due to many Hawthorns dying off.

In about 3 years time the hedge will be denser with new growth which will increase its value for wildlife. The hedge can also be maintained at a lower level which opens up views over the meadows.