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Improvements at Orton Mere

A major project to improve boating facilities on the River Nene and bring visitors into Peterborough has been completed.

Orton Mere after the works
The completed work at Orton Mere

Orton Mere before works.jpg
Orton Mere before the works

The project, which took five months to complete, has included re-profiling the riverbank, replacing damaged piles and creating a fixed landing stage and 48-hour visitor mooring. Canoe access, a portage and new slalom posts have also been put in place.

The new mooring and landing stage has been constructed from the most up-to-date materials to maximise the lifespan of the facilities and minimise maintenance costs.

The project was financed by the Environment Agency as although the River Nene flows through Nene Park, the Trust is not responsible for the maintenance of the river.

The project aims to breathe new life into an area of the river close to the city centre by drawing visiting boaters into the city.The Environment Agency currently has 1,241 registered boaters on the River Nene and 5,870 across all its navigations in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire. Projects such as Orton Mere make navigating the river easier, safer and more enjoyable.

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