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Help the Hedgehogs Day

Last Saturday was Help the Hedgehogs Day at Ferry Meadows. Along with lots of information about how to help hedgehogs there was also the opportunity to make a hedgehog using just a pine cone, some clay and a couple of googly eyes.


Lots of people also took up the challenge of the Hedgehog Quiz. A winner was drawn who was soon in to collect the prizes the next day.

The Hedgehog Pledge Board was also popular with people writing down things they would do to help hedgehogs which they then stuck to the board. The most popular pledge being to ensure that their garden was not too tidy!
Other pledges included: leaving food and water out, not using slug pellets, checking the garden for hedgehogs before strimming or mowing and checking bonfires before lighting them.

Hedgehog Pledges.jpg

If you want too find out more information about hedgehogs a great place to look is the Hedgehog Preservation Society website.