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Firework Fiesta

As you may have seen in local press reports, the Firework Fiesta event will not be taking place in Ferry Meadows Country Park this year.

Over the past 25 years, this popular local event has grown considerably in size. It has therefore become increasingly difficult to accommodate within Ferry Meadows, particularly in terms of ensuring the safe and efficient movement of the vehicle and pedestrian traffic associated with the event.

After last year's Firework Fiesta, which attracted over 12,000 visitors, the Trust immediately advised the organisers that a great deal of additional work would be necessary if the event were to return in 2011.

This was based on the Trust's requirements for holding large events in Ferry Meadows, and the advice of the Peterborough Safety Advisory Group.

As has now been widely reported, the event organisers were unable to meet our requirements for running the 2011 Firework Fiesta in the Park, and were also unable to put alternative plans into place for holding the event elsewhere.

We are very disappointed that this is the case, particularly in view of the enjoyment that the event creates for so many local people, and for the important contribution it can make in support of local charities. However, we are encouraged by the news that several other local charitable firework events are gearing up for a 'bumper year', and have noted with interest the many supportive messages we have received from Park visitors and local residents who also felt that the event had now outgrown Ferry Meadows.

As you will see from updates throughout this website, and our latest edition of our Parklife magazine, the Trust is continuing on a major investment and improvement programme across the whole of Nene Park. Whilst we appreciate that the removal of Firework Fiesta from our extensive event programme is a disappointment, we will remain focused, in accordance with our objectives as a charity, on our work in providing the very best Park we can for Peterborough residents and visitors.