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Winter in Nene Park

Nature in Nene Park

Winter in Nene Park

Winter is a great time to get out and enjoy nature. So wrap up warm, pull on your boots and you'll soon discover that there is plenty going on, as well as beautiful scenes to enjoy.

Winter Highlights

Catwalk through the Park by wrapping up and sporting your favourite hat / scarf / gloves combo on a winter walk through the Park. We look forward to seeing an array of coloured bobble hats on one of the many walking trails including Bluebell Woods.

Winter walk

Build a snowman!
The Park looks beautiful in the snow so fingers crossed it makes an appearance this winter! When there's an abundance of the white stuff, take a trip to the meadows and build a snowman! Bring the whole family along too… playful pooches also welcome.


All aboard a steam train with Nene Valley Railway, who are offering a range of services throughout winter including a Winter Warmer service and journeys during half-term in February. Ferry Meadows acts as a perfect point for passengers to to disembark and explore the Park.

Winter warmer

Winter warmers with Lakeside Kitchen & Bar and Ferry Meadows Café. They are the perfect places to sit and enjoy a hot drink and tasty treat. What better than to sit by the recently installed wood burner with stunning views of Gunwake Lake at Lakeside, in an enclosed dog friendly area? Alternatively, if you are at the other end of the Park,a brand new canopy has been installed over Ferry Meadows Café, courtesy of Nene Park Trust and Meadow Brown Restaurants. No more rainy cups of tea!

Log burner

Foxes are more visible in December and January than in any other months. The reason being that it's the mating season and every dogfox is out looking for a vixen. Even if you don't see them you may well hear them! The vixen can produce an almost human scream and the males bark sounds almost dog-like.

Fox hay bale

Birds to look out for on the lakes and river include Wigeon (see photo below), Goosander and Golden eye.
image courtesy of Paul Gallagher

The last two years have seen good numbers of Waxwings spotted in the Park. We would love to see them again this year.


At the beginning of winter there can still be plenty of fungi about especially in woodlands and tree belts such as Lynch Plantation in Ferry Meadows. Some of them like the Dead Man's Fingers below are quite distinctive.

Dead Man 's Fingers

One thing we have a lot of in winter is moisture. We may not be big fans of grey drizzle but lichen loves it as it rehydrates them. To truly appreciate these incredible plants you need to get up close to take in the finer details. A good place to look for lichens in Ferry Meadows is on Lynch Bridge.


Always a welcome sight. One of the best places to see Snowdrops in Nene Park is Bluebell Wood in Ferry Meadows.