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September's Wildlife

Nature in Nene Park

What To See In September

September is nature's final flourish before Autumn truly gets under way. The plants which have been flowering over the last few months are now heavy with seeds and fruit. Birds, mammels and insects are all out and about trying to get as much of the bounty as possible.


We aren't the only ones foraging in the hedgerows for blackberries around this time of year. Birds, butterflies, wasps, flies, badgers, voles, hedgehogs, foxes and deer also eat them.



Rose hips really do add a splash of colour to our hedgerows and they are very high in Vitamin C. They are also rumoured to cure many aches and pains.



Hazelnuts are a firm favourite with dormice, woodmice, voles and grey squirrels. However, it is often the grey squirrels who get in first as they eat nuts when they are still green and they are more than capable of strippping a whole tree.

Just find a hazel tree and you will most probably see nut cases which have been split in half by grey squirrels underneath. A good place to look is Lynch Plantation at Ferry Meadows.