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May's Wildlife

Nature in Nene Park

What To See In May

Swans and Cygnets

Mute swans will mate from May through to summer. After building a nest, which takes 2-3 weeks, eggs can be laid up to once or twice a day. The female will then sit on the eggs for appromimately 42 days until they hatch.

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Birds are very vocal throughout spring. Listen to some of our favourites by clicking on the names of the birds below.

Song thrush


Cowslips can be seen throughout the Park. Oak Meadow in Ferry Meadows and along the side of Ham Lane are especially good places to spot them.



Make sure you don't miss the Bluebells in the aptly named Bluebell Wood in Ferry Meadows.



Look out for Orange Tips, easily identifiable by their orange tipped wings and Brimstones. The male brimstone has wings of sulphur yellow whereas the female is not so easy to identify as she is much paler. Others to look out for include the small tortoiseshell, peacock and speckled wood.