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March's Wildlife

Nature in Nene Park

What To See In March

March can easily be seen as the start of spring, despite the mixed weather that it often brings. Flowers appear, insects begin to emerge, frogs and toads are spawning and birds are busy building nests and establishing territories.

Goat Willows

Goat willows or sallows are an important early source of nectar for all emerging nectar feeders. Most trees with catkins rely on the wind to distribute their pollen. The goat willow relies on insects. This explains the flurry of activity around these trees in March. For more information on goat willows click here.


Species such as small tortoiseshells, peacocks and brimstones may be seen if the sun emerges. 

 small tortoiseshell butterfly.jpg
Small tortoisehell butterfly

Hoverflies and Bees

These are also good candidates to be seen making the most of the nectar on offer from goat willows. You could spot queen bumble bees or the first worker bumble bees of the year.

Wild Flowers

Primroses, wood anemones and lesser celandines are all in flower in March. A great place to see them is Thorpe Wood which is managed by the Wildlife Trust. To find out more about Thorpe Wood visit their site by clicking here.