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June's Wildlife

Nature in Nene Park

What To See In June

Dragonflies and Damselflies

There are plenty of dragonflies and damselflies about this month.
They are easy to tell apart as dragonfly wings are always open and damselfly wings are closed when they are stationary.

Broad bodied chaser.jpg
Broad bodied chaser dragonfly

Banded demoiselle damselfly.jpg
Banded demoiselle damselfly

Wild Flowers

At Ferry Meadows we plant patches of wildflowers every year. Two of the best areas at the moment are by Lynch Bridge and by the path from Lynch Bridge to the Watersports Centre.

Wild flowers.jpg
Corn marigolds (yellow) and Cornflowers (blue)

Foxes and Fox Cubs

It is easier to see fox cubs this month as they are now becoming more adventurous and leave the area around the earths where they live.
Did you know foxes will also share badger setts with badgers? However, if there is a dispute between "house-mates" it is the foxes who will be made to leave!