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Autumn in Nene Park

Nature in Nene Park

Autumn in Nene Park

Autumn is a time of change in Nene Park. Leaves change colour, seeds fall to the ground and birds arrive while others leave on migration. Animals are busy preparing for winter and the hedgerows are full of berries.

Autumn Highlights

Enjoy the autumnal colours on a walk through Bluebell Wood (shown below), Lynch Planation and Lynch Wood.
Walkers In Autumn Leaves

Spiders webs are easy to spot on cold dewy mornings and if you find a spider actually making a web, stop for a while and enjoy the show.
Spiders Web

Woodlands are good places to hunt for fungi but they will also pop up in meadows and woodchips and on log piles and tree trunks.

Hedgerows are ripe for harvesting in autumn and it's not just people out blackberrying. Rosehips (shown below), elderberries, haws (hawthorn berries), sloes and crab apples provide a feast for birds and mammals such as mice, voles, hedgehogs and squirrels.

Nuts such as hazel nuts, chestnuts, walnuts and are popular with mice, squirrels and voles. It is easy to find the shells of nuts under trees which have been opened and eaten. Just like the hazelnuts below which were eaten by a squirrel.
Hazelnut -gnawed -by -squirrel

Ferry Meadows Cafe and Lakeside Kitchen & Bar are the perfect locations following a woodland walk to sit back, enjoy a range of delicious food and drink and take in the surroundings. Lakeside Kitchen & Bar has recently installed a wood burner in a section that is under cover, dog friendly and has a stunning view over Gunwade Lake. It's well worth a visit!

Wood burner