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August's Wildlife

Nature in Nene Park

What To See In August

Six spot burnet moth

Six spot burnets are day flying moths which can be seen from June to August.
One of their main food plants is birds foot trefoil which contains traces of cyanide. This means that they do not taste very nice and the bright red spots are designed to act as a warning to any predators.
Six spot burnet moth.jpg
Six spot burnet moth on birds foot trefoil


This month new ladybirds are emerging from their pupae.
Next month ladybirds will be looking for places to "over winter" until February.
In March next year the ladybirds will wake up to find food and in May they will mate.
From June to July ladybirds lay their eggs which will then hatch into larvae. The larvae will feed on aphids, much to the gardeners' delight, and then form pupae which will emerge again next August.
Seven spot ladybird on a pupae.


August is a great month for butterflies and nearly all of the butterflies you can find in Nene Park will be flying this month. The best places to look are along hedgerows, areas of long grass and sheltered sunny spots. Brambles are also excellent places to look as it is a food plant for many butterflies.
Common blue butterfly.jpg
Common blue butterfly