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Nature in Nene Park

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The diversity of Nene Park makes it a special place. The variety of habitats from woodlands and meadow through to lakes and waterways creates a haven for wildlife.

Willow Warbler
Willow Warbler. image courtesy of Paul Gallagher

The distinct areas which form Nene Park are connected by the River Nene which runs through them for six miles.

River Nene
Before reaching Ferry Meadows Country Park, the River Nene passes through the Trust's agricultural estate which lies between the River and the villages of Ailsworth, Castor and Sutton. This area is connected to Ferry Meadows Country Park by a network of footpaths.

River Nene
River Nene

Ferry Meadows
Ferry Meadows Country Park is at the heart of Nene Park and is situated around a wide meander in the River Nene. Even though it is the most popular area of Nene Park, the Trust ensures that recreation does not adversely affect the landscape and wildlife. There are ample opportunities to enjoy nature throughout Ferry Meadows including Ham Mere with bird hides which overlook wetlands.

Ham Mere
Ham Mere in Ferry Meadows

Nene Park
After leaving Ferry Meadows, the River Nene continues its journey through Orton Mere, Woodston Reach and Thorpe Meadows, which also contain lakes, wooded areas and meadows. These areas provide the chance to enjoy nature even closer to the city centre.