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Parking at Orton Meadows

Ferry Meadows

Parking at Orton Meadows

Charges apply to all vehicles, all day, every day when using Orton Meadows Golf Course and Pitch and Putt, Rutland Cycling and The Granary.

The car park is monitored by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). The system is managed by Park with Ease.

What are the charges?

Up to 1 hour £1.50
1 to 2 hours £3.00
Over 2 hours £5.00
Grace period 45 minutes

How does it work?

1. Cameras record your vehicle registration number when you enter the car park. No tickets are issued. You don't need to do anything until you are ready to leave.

2. When you are ready to leave you need to do one of two things:

If you have spent a minimum of £5 at any of the businesses listed below you are entitled to free parking by entering your registration in the tablet on their premises:

- Orton Meadows Golf Course and Pitch and Putt
- Rutland Cycling
- The Granary


If you did not spend a minimum of £5 you need to go to the payment machine in the car park, enter your full registration number and pay the amount shown on the screen. The machine accepts cards or coins (no change is given). You have an additional 30 minutes to return to your vehicle and exit the car park.

3. Your payment is complete.

Thank you for supporting Nene Park Trust.

Paying online

You can pay online up to 48 hours after your visit at www.parkwithease.co.uk

Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase an annual pass for Orton Meadows?

No - Nene Park Trust offers an Annual Parking Membership for Ferry Meadows only.

What happens if I forget to pay?

If you forget to pay you can pay online at www.parkwithease.co.ukup to 48 hours after  your visit. If you fail to pay within this time limit you will receive a Parking Charge Notice from Park with Ease and will be liable to pay additional charges.

What happens if I receive a Parking Charge Notice?

The parking charge system is managed by Park with Ease. If you do receive a Parking Charge Notice from Park with Ease and you dispute liability for the parking charge you must follow the appeals process which is outlined in the letter. Nene Park Trust is not able to respond to Parking Charge Notice queries or appeals.

I am a blue badge holder what are the parking arrangements for me?

The standard charges apply to Blue Badge holders. The car park has designated blue badge spaces. Please ensure your badge is displayed at all times.

After paying, all visitors have an additional 30 minutes to exit the Park.

I have a query regarding parking charges who do I contact?

For general queries contact parking@neneparktrust.org.uk

For Parking Charge Notice queries or appeals please use the details given within the letter.

I have paid for parking at Orton Meadows. Does this mean I can drive into Ferry Meadows and park for free under the same ticket?

Paid parking at Orton Meadows will not be valid in Ferry Meadows car park. When entering Ferry Meadows, your vehicle registration number will be recorded by ANPR (see above) and you will be required to pay for the time you have been in the Park before leaving. Payment is not transferrable across other sites.

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