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Just because the kids are back at school and the nights are drawing in, doesn't mean that staying indoors and watching television is their only option. Get outdoors and have fun with our brand new interactive app Magical Park (www.magicalpark.net).

All you need to do is download our app at home (see instructions below), wrap up warm, grab your mobile phone or tablet and turn your imagination up full blast! 

To have a sneaky peek at what you can expect to find, click here to watch a short clip of the app in action >>

Children are introduced to gaming apps from a young age - it's the way of the world that's just how things are nowadays! The objective of these games is to keep players engaged whilst learning and having fun. There are, however, a few negatives that can be associated with online gaming such as third party interference, violent content and laziness. Did you know that on average, children sit for 8.5 hours per day and spend only one hour playing outside? That's where Ferry Meadows and our brand new app comes out to play…

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…Introducing the Magical Park app to Ferry Meadows this autumn. We are so excited to be bringing this interactive app to the Park, which aims to keep children healthy with a combination of outdoor exercise and digital entertainment. The themed app enables children to earn virtual rewards by completing challenges. Whilst progressing through the game, a world of imagination opens up where a Magical Park can be built right here in Ferry Meadows, as the app enables you to see real Park views by accessing the camera function. There is also a chance to engage with the community by completing challenges alongside others to reach spectacular milestones.

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The Halloween themed app, where you can spot ghosts and ghouls, is available from Saturday 30 September to Sunday 5 November - just right for keeping the kids entertained throughout the October half term too. In addition, kids can play in additional surprise worlds filled with dinosaurs, aliens, fairies or robots. Keep a look out on our website and social media for more information. The app will be available to download from Apple app store and Google play, enabling you to play for free. We'll see you there!

To download the app

• Using an Apple phone, type Magical Park into the App store. For Android phones, visit Play Store. You should be able to see the following logo: 
Magical Park app logo
Unfortunately, some devices feature software that is missing a gyroscope, which means the app is not supported. This is vital in keeping the digital content positioned correctly and remaining upright. For more information about compatibility, please see below.*

• Ensure you bring your compatible device to the Park with the app already downloaded, ready to play.

• Make sure you remove the device from its case as any cases with magnets will cause issues. 

• The app will require access to your location, video and photo, so follow the
on-screen instructions to allow access.

• Agree to Terms of Service.

• There is an option to create an account with a username and password. This is optional so you can either create an account or bypass it with the cross in the top right corner.

• You will see a map of the Park on your screen. There is a start point marker that enables the game to commence. Ensure you are within 50m of the starting point on Coney Meadows and the app will activate. The map will show your footsteps as you walk towards the marker. You will also see a signpost at the edge of the meadow near the coach car park. 

• You will be prompted to spin your phone to activate the compass. Follow the instructions on the screen.

• Enter the game and read the introductory story to learn all about the magical park that awaits. 

• Move towards the magical area you can see within the Park as soon as possible to start your challenge. 

• Enjoy your game and be sure to post your experience on social using the hashtags: #MagicalMeadows and #MagicalNenePark.

We would love to hear your feedback too, so please let us know how you got on via Facebook or pop into the Information Centre.

Additional information

If you come away from the boundary but are in a safe place, with no roads or lakes nearby, you can use the Teleport to change your location (the icon to find the teleport is a house with a spiral). 
Magical park home logo
During the game, you have the option to click on the helper in the bottom right corner who will provide you with a range of options including the Teleport, Information, Settings, Return to Home and Help.

Magical Park helper

When you are ready to exit the game, click on the home symbol and it will give you the option to quit. The app will save your best score.

* There should be no issues installing the app onto an iPhone 5 or newer models.  The minimum OS is 9.0 for Apple devices and 4.4 for Android. For iPads, you will need to have mobile data capability, as there is no WiFi available in the Park. If your device is not compatible, you will not be able to find it in your app store.

Whilst you're here...

If you are visiting the Park this autumn to play the app, why not check out our Autumn Festival leaflet, containing all events and ideas of things to do in the Park throughout the season.

Autumn Festival

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