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Key stages 1 and 2


Key Stages 1 and 2

Nene Park Trust can offer a fully flexible range of educational activities for Key Stages 1 and 2.   Either select one of our themed days designed to target specific curriculum areas or, with the help of our knowledgeable staff, choose from a wide range of activities to create a day specifically tailored to your individual requirements.   Your course tutor will also be able to suggest appropriate follow up activities to extend pupils learning on their return to school.   Full lesson plans and risk assessments are in place for all activities and are available to teachers on request. See below for details of themed days for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.   Click on titles to see a detailed programme for each day.    


Key Stage 1

Once upon a time…
Using traditional tales as a focus children will consider how to build a shelter for one of the three little pigs, go on a sensory journey to see how the big bad wolf might use his eyes, ears, nose and paws to explore the world around him and discover how the bears keep their porridge just right.   Finish the day by seeing if you can do better than Hansel and Gretel by finding your way around our short Orienteering trail.


What does it mean to be alive?   Come and explore the differences between things that are alive, not alive and have never been alive.   Seek out examples of the stages of plant life cycles and, collect, plant seeds or press flowers to take back to school.   Spend time investigating our pond life and look for examples of creatures at different stages in their life cycle.


Finding the way
Start the day by creating miniature landscapes and investigate how to draw a simple representation of a real location.   Develop your positional language skills as you gain confidence using simple maps.   The final challenge of the day is to put all those skills together in an orienteering puzzle using a map to hunt out the location of clues to enable you to decipher the secret message.


Natural Art
Without a pencil or watercolour in sight, come and create a mixture of art forms using natural materials. How will you use sticks, pine cones, leaves and bark to make a sculpture? What will your leaf print mask look like? Use clay to produce a traditional wood spirit face. Most of all - have fun being creative and imaginative

Living things and habitats
Spend some time getting down and dirty, exploring the habitats of Ferry Meadows. Rumble through our woods lifting logs and spotting what lives there. Explore the meadows and discover which creatures call it home. Delve into the depths of our lake to see what lurks there too. Describe and compare the animals that you find and identify the factors which make these habitats great places to live. Extend your work by discussing food chains or the adaptations that our animals have developed to suit their environment.

Key stage 2

How could you be classified; Vertebrate or Invertebrate, plant, animal or micro-organism? Familiarise yourself with the work of Carl Linnaeus by following our Vertebrate trail. Then get out into the woods and hunt for examples of Invertebrates, classifying as you go. Finally put your new found knowledge to the test in our great classification challenge!

Take on the role of an explorer in a day of activities which will test your survival and team work skills. The young explorers will build shelters, scout out their environment and, finally, follow a map to find the hidden treasure

Living Rivers
The River Nene is a significant feature in the landscape around Peterborough. Investigate how it has affected the development of Peterborough then spend time working around the river carrying out survey work to establish the width, depth and speed of flow of part of the river system. Investigate what lives in the deep, dark depths of one of our lakes which is linked to the river and establish some of the feeding relationships between the creatures.

Using Maps
Come and develop your pupils' map skills with a range of activities based around our extensive meadows. Start the day investigating how to use a compass with our Compass Challenge then use our picture trail to develop the use of four figure grid references. Finish off the day putting together all the skills to complete an orienteering trail on our meadow.

Plants and seasons
Pupils will use a range of scientific equipment to observe habitats in some detail recording environmental conditions and plant life in two different habitats. By careful observation pupils will identify the types of plants in each habitat, and discuss the different strategies plants use to enable them to grow in a variety of locations

Stone Age

A day of activities based around the Stone Age.  Pupils will have the chance to investigate their environment and be creative in making their own Stone Age style art. They will then also be able to try simple fire lighting techniques and build their own shelters.


If you are interested in arranging a visit for your Key stage 1 or 2 class please telephone 01733 234193 or e-mail visitor.services@neneparktrust.org.uk . Our Education Officer will then be in touch to discuss your individual requirements and suggest a programme of activities tailored to complement your schemes of work.