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Nene Park Master Plan 2017-50

During 2016, we conducted extensive engagement with volunteers, partners, local stakeholders, tenants, staff and Trustees on the creation of our Master Plan up until 2050.

Our Master Plan document sets out ambitious plans for the Park's future growth including 15 key improvement proposals which all link inseparably to a new business strategy for the Trust.

Master plan

The main points in the Master Plan are to:-

- Improve existing parkland at Ferry Meadows, Thorpe Meadows and the wider estate and increase the amount of quality green space in Peterborough

- Celebrate culture, arts and heritage through protecting, promoting and providing access to our rich archaeological and natural heritage

- Influence the health of our community by developing play, outdoor activities, sport and recreation in the Park

- Find opportunities to develop skills, outreach and learning, through our own education programmes and those supported by partners

- Expand facilities including our visitor centre, park buildings and our paths

Last year we recorded our highest ever visitor numbers, with over 1.8 million visits to Nene Park, a ten per cent increase on 2015. The plans for our future sustainable growth set out in our Master Plan are vital to delivering more for our communities across the city of Peterborough and the wider region.

Developing our Master Plan has been an exciting programme and work is already begun on the delivery of this ambitious programme of projects - all of which will improve the lives of our community, our visitors, our local landscape and biodiversity.

We are extremely grateful to all of the organisations and individuals that have supported the development of the Master Plan and we look forward to continuing to work with you as we implement the plan.

To download the Nene Park Master Plan 2017-2050, click here >>