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The Park

Nene Park provides visitors with a range of opportunities for relaxation and recreation in a wide variety of landscapes and wildlife habitats throughout the sites.

Ferry Meadows

Ferry Meadows is the Country Park at the heart of Nene Park. Its lakes, meadows, woodlands and riverside make it a favourite destination for many visitors throughout the year. Ferry Meadows offers the widest range of activities of all the sites.

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Thorpe Meadows

Home to the Sculpture Park, riverside walks and a purpose built rowing lake within a 15 minute walk of the city centre.

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Orton Mere & Woodston Reach

Orton Mere links Ferry Meadows to Thorpe Meadows. It offers lakes, open space for recreation and a Nene Valley Railway Station.

Woodston Reach is a wooded area which offers opportunities for walking and nature viewing.

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The Rural Estate

Found to the west of Ferry Meadows, the Ruralk Estate contains a network of footpaths and bridleways to explore.

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